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QMCS - Queen Mary Catalan Seminars
Spring Programme 2017


Time: 5pm – 6.30pm

Mile End Campus. Laws Building: Room 102

Seminars are followed by cava and pa amb tomàquet.

With the support of the Institut Ramon Llull

14 February

 Professor John London (QMUL):

‘Sergi Belbel’s Carícies, Arthur Schnitzler’s Reigen, and the Seduction of Form’

There is plenty of shocking material in Sergi Belbel’s Carícies (1992), but does the text amount to anything more than a series of loosely connected scenes? How can Schnitzler’s La Ronde (1897) help us understand the Catalan play? This paper, illustrated with performed extracts, attempts to answer these questions in a larger, dramaturgical, context.




28 March

Professor Brad Epps (University of Cambridge):

‘Between Opacity and Clarity: Josep Maria Forn, Pere Portabella, and Catalan Cinematic Representation under Franco’

This talk examines the cinematic representation of Catalonia in the late 1960s and early 70s, when Catalan culture, and especially the cinema, despite a relative 'liberalisation', continued to be the object of 

considerable censorship. Reflecting on two very different filmmakers, Josep Maria Forn and Pere Portabella, and two very different modes of filmmaking, neo-realism in Forn’s La piel quemada (1967) and the 
neo-avant garde in Portabella’s Nocturn 29 (1968) and Vampir cuadecuc (1970), the talk addresses questions of audience and intelligibility, speech and silence, entertainment and resistance.


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