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Tales of the World/Cuentos del Mundo

One very interesting project that our students here at Queen Mary have been engaged with is the writing of Tales of the World/Cuentos del Mundo, a compilation of short stories written in Spanish and English by Final Year students enrolled in the module HSP646. The project was coordinated by Dr M. Mar Encinas-Puente, Prof Chris Pountain and Dr MarĂ­a Alcantud.

As part of the assessed work for this course, students produced a creative writing piece of approximately 1,200 words in academic years 2012-13 and 2013-14. The assignment accounted for 10% of their final mark and revolved around the generic topic of "Intercultural Dialogues: Building Solidarity through Languages". Students were invited to explore the linguistic and ethnic diversity of London and produce a bilingual tale, in Spanish and English, reflecting on the effects of bilingual and multilingual education in the city.

The project has contributed to enhance students' employability, thanks to a publication that makes a substantial difference on their CVs after graduation.

All the bilingual short stories have been written and translated by Final Year students of Spanish at Queen Mary, University of London.


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