Iberian and Latin American Studies

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Programme for 2012-2013

16 November 2012

Geraldine Hazbun, St Anne's College, Oxford

'Crossing and Double Crossing: Islamic Conquerors in the Crónica sarracina'


7 December 2012

Manuel Hijano, Durham University

'Voces sin nombre: la tradición manuscrita de la Estoria de España'



11 January 2013

Marie-Theresa Hernandez, University of Houston

'The Virgin Mary and the Shekhina: The Interface of Two Religions in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Periods.'


8 February 2013

Sarah Buxton, Durham University

'Pillow Talk: Husbands and Wives in Bed in Medieval Castilian Hagiography'


22 March 2013

Esther Gómez-Sierra, University of Manchester

'Transient Selves: Men of letters in fifteenth century Spain'


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