Iberian and Latin American Studies

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PhD in Iberian and Latin American Studies

Current and recent graduate research in Hispanic Studies includes theses on:

Phonological variation in Barcelona Catalan: the Xava accent; Bilingualism in Alghero/Alguer; Code-switching in a Spanish-English bilingual family; The development of indefinite expressions in medieval Spanish; Editing the Cancionero de Herberay ; Lower and middle-class women in Spanish society, 1700-1788; Location, location, location: language, gender and generation in recent Cuban American fiction; Dialogic aspects in the Cuban novel after the 1959 revolution; Exile Cuban literature; An exploration of the representation of Italianness in British cinema; Cuban and Soviet film: a comparative study; Sexual discourse in the films of the transition to democracy in Spain; The relationship between the film adaptation of Spanish   dramatic texts and female visibility; Contemporary Basque cinema and the problem of national identity; The Construction of Feminine Poetics in Two Catalan Women Poets: Maria Mercè Marçal and Maria Fullan; The cultural role of translation in Brazil.

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